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MyCakes brings worldwide baking industry expertise to Snoqualmie Valley

MyCakes LLC is a Washington State LLC, with majority ownership by Cynthia F. Golpe. Started in 2008, MyCakes was originally operating under the trade name "Cakes by Cynch", and since 2010 the trade name was changed to "MyCakes". Cynthia has extensive experience in the baking industry, and her family possesses large wholesale / retail bakery operations based in the Philippines for over 35 years. Cynthia has served as a professional baking consultant for WinRock International and Land-O-Lakes, and has a USA Presidential Volunteerism Award for her work with confectionary shops worldwide through USAID agricultral exchange programs.

Our mission

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    Seattle's Premiere Cake Destination

    We work hard to make MyCakes the Seattle eastside go-to for specialty cakes, cupcakes, and all-occasion baked sweet goods. Our mission is to achieve recognized success in the Pacific NW specialty cake market, and deliver world-renowned custom-decorated cakes.

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    Sustainability and Stewardship in Baking

    MyCakes caters to a clientele that nurtures healthy baking, including sugar and gluten-free products. We believe consumers appreciate and reward businesses that recycle, help keep our air and water clean, and conserve our natural resources. We will continue to leverage hygienically safe, recyclable packaging and materials where possible.

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    Simplicity as the new Sophistication

    The concept of less is more is manifested in less packaging, shorter ingredient lists and more understandable ingredients. We aim to develop additional wholesale customers, and expand marketing presence, while seeking fair and responsible profit.

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Our kids Chloe and Stephen always want to stop in for a yummy and creative looking cupcake treat. We decided to order a cake after seeing and trying a great cake at one of my son's friends birthday party a few weekends ago. My son said he had to have a cake from the same place (it was a minecraft cake) because it was the "coolest cake ever"! So, I wanted to say thank you for making my son's birthday cake. He loved his Skylander cake and it was definitely one of the highlights of his birthday.


Loyal Customer

We originally went in planning to just do a traditional cake for our wedding but after seeing how good everything tasted we decided to go with the dessert bar. Our guests loved it and she even brought her own beautiful dishes to set up and make a really nice display! My cakes is definitely my new go to for desserts!


Wedding Cake

Signed up for one of Cynthia's cake decorating classes! OMG! It was a blast. It was honestly the most fun I've ever had taking any kind of class. Cynthia and Jessie were knowledgable, funny and creative. We did fondant cakes. When she first whipped out the fondant I was intimidated but my cake turned out amazing. I would highly recommend Cynthia's classes to anyone, any age. There were youngsters and adults and when I brought my cake home even my husband was like "Hey, when do I get to go?!"



MOST AMAZING WEDDING CAKE!!!...it was the best tasting cake I have ever tasted!...delivered to our venue and set them up so there was absolutely no stress on us...The cake was the talk of the reception. Our guests even took pictures of the cake to show off to their friends because they loved it so much. Every one of the flavors turned out amazing; I would refer any of my family and friends...Simply amazing!!

Sandra W.

Wedding Cake / Starbuck's

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